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Lemongrass & Sandalwood Bath Soak

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These cute milk bath salts are a fun way to add some more relaxing, skin-softening qualities to your bath. Made entirely of natural ingredients without the fillers and harsh stuff, our salts are simply made with a few really good ingredients.  Those ingredients include: Pink Himalayan salt, epsom salt, powdered goat milk, essential oil, and dried flowers/ lemongrass, or clays (depending on scent). The two salts are great for softening the skin and the goat milk is gentle and soothing on skin that needs a little extra TLC. When my kids' eczema was really bad and I started studying remedies I found fragrances and colorants we're a major culprit for flare-ups.  For this reason, these are naturally colored with salt and/or clay and naturally scented with essential oils.   Each jar holds 6 oz of milk salts and comes with a wooden spoon for dispensing.  I recommend a couple scoops per bath.  Each jar is good for approximately a dozen baths.