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Lemon Verbena Olive Oil Soap

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Organic Lemon Verbena harvested locally + Lemon Verbena Essential Oil. Pure luxury. This is a slightly smaller, 5oz bar - but it costs nearly twice the regular bar to make, so this one will be scarce when available. But it's worth it. A simple plain white bar with lemon verbena leaves folded in. It's just beautiful. * last photo is for label reference only. These are a perfect handheld size, in a big 5oz bar.  This Soap is made of: Saponified Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Sustainable palm, Purified Water, Essential oils of Lemon Verbena, Local Dried Organic Lemon Verbena Each bar of soap cures for 3-5 weeks. While the soap is curing/drying, water is evaporating out. Weight is determined at the time of cutting. After the soap loses some water weight, you are left with all the good things. This makes a harder, longer lasting bar.