Lily and Sparrow

What If Everything Works Out?

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I heard this quote at the beginning of 2022 and it completely transformed the way I approach life. I know it sounds a little dramatic, but think about this mindset for a second. Do you ever approach situations, or maybe it's just a dream or goal you have, and you immediately have negative thoughts about failing or messing up? What if we held those thoughts captive and replaced them with thoughts like this one — what if everything actually works out? What if this situation turns out better than I could imagine? What if my dream actually came true? It's been a game changer for me & I hope resonates a little with you too. * SIZE: approx. 7x7", 13x13" or 25x25" {may vary within a half inch} * FRAME: walnut stain * BACK: unfinished; Lily & Sparrow stamped logo * OTHER: hanging hardware not included; intended to be hung from frame